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Dreaming of Urban Sound Parks

An Australian visitor's perspective on Klankenbos


Jordan Lacey (researcher at RMIT, Melbourne) made a sonic travel through Europe and tells about his experience of visiting Klankenbos during its 10th anniversary festival.

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Something so unique, it’s strange we’ve never written about it

Everyday Listening presents: Klankenbos in Neerpelt (English)


In the context of 10 year of Klankenbos, Mark Ijzerman wrote a blog article on this unique collection of sound art in public space. The original article is published on Everyday Listening: http://www.everydaylistening.com/

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Experts in sound art meet at Klankenbos

A report by Fernando Silva (Media Culture Student, University of Maastricht) (English only)

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On the 8th of May, Musica - Impulse Centre for Music hosted an expert meeting on the topic of 'sound art in public space’, with presentations and a discussion of challenges, solutions and activities. A group of Flemish and Dutch sound artists and other professionals from the field who partner with Musica were present. They participated to the discussion, shared their experience and insight, and visited the sound installation of Klankenbos.

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