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An interview with Udo Noll (Radio Aporee)

10 Years of Sound Mapping (2/4) (English)

Captura de Tela (205B)

Radio Aporee Soundmap Radio Aporee Soundmaps presents only raw authentic field recordings and enables the downloading and many types of reuse of these sounds, even within the site itself. So the soundmap in this site may represent a pool of free raw material which can be used to create sound art (maybe using the site’s other tools as well). A similar one is FreeSounds, which provides raw material for sound design.

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10 Years of Sound Mapping: An Introduction

10 Years of Sound Mapping (1/4) (English only)


Sound mapping is a method for displaying sound database entries over a map. They usually show a map with markers that indicates the geographical position. When these markers are clicked, the information in the entry is shown, which most of the times also includes a sound recording.

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